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I had been married for only 3 years. One day my then husband told me he was not happy and I should leave and go be near my family. I was in shock, I had moved 2 hours away from my family after a 2 year battle to beat stage 4 lung cancer – I agreed to move to help him care for his aging parents. Of course I agreed, he was my husband this is what marriage is….We had a home near the Ocean and I thought we were happy, I was. I did everything he asked of me and then some- but it is what you do in a marriage…. Soon after he told me to leave I found out he was moving another woman into my home. I can’t believe there are women out there like this one….. it was a dark and ugly time for me. I had been let down and lied to by my husband – I just do not have the words. Well I do but they are not for this review 🙂 Soon after I was sent separation agreements that I refused to sign as they were all about him…. he then threatened to make sure I had to pay all the fees if I did not sign so I knew it was time, I needed someone on my side…. I called several attorneys who all told me that I did not have a case or much of one as we had only been married for 3 years. I could not understand why this mattered, he had an affair- what is the point of marriage if it only counts after 10 years! I was heart broken, I felt rejected by a man I thought to have been my best friend and now attorneys were basically rejecting me as well. I saw Brittany on line, there was something there that drew me to her, I knew she would fight for me and she did…..Brittany NEVER made me feel as though my feelings just did not matter. I counted in her eyes….. I was in fact important to Brittany, or she made me feel this way. All I wanted from this horrible, greedy man was the divorce on the grounds of adultery and for it to be over quickly. She was able to get me exactly what I wanted. When other attorneys wanted 2 times as much and told me that I did not have much of a case as it was not a long enough marriage Brittany was supportive and honest and told me that she could not promise that outcome I desired but she would fight for it. With this I knew I finally had someone on my side. She never let me feel alone. She understood what I was going through and was very thoughtful and she new the law! I would highly recommend Brittany if you find yourself in this horrible situation. I hope you never do. Brittany cares about her clients and winning the case for them, when others seemed to care more about how much money I had to spend, that was the least of her concerns…… I can recall a couple of our conversations that she just let me vent – She cares for her clients and will fight to get you what is fair. She never let me down, she always lifted me up. If I had to do it again I would choose Brittany all over again.  – Pam Bosart

I never felt alone with Brittany as my legal counsel

Attorney Holmes is definitely a great addition to the family court area in Beaufort County. Attorney Holmes is easy to converse with and is definitely the kind of attorney who puts your needs at the forefront and allows you the opportunity to talk about your concerns without judging and yet giving real honest advice on how to work towards fixing matters verses seeing them fester into bigger issues. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

God send

Where should I begin? Attorney Holmes followed through on helping me with my family matter concerns. I am a resident in Memphis, Tennessee and have a joint custody agreement in Hilton Head, South Carolina. Before I retained Brittany as my Attorney, finding an Attorney to care about my concerns was like finding a needle in a haystack, nearly impossible, i called and spoke to so many Attorneys from 2015- 2020 so if you read the previous review this is why I said she Attorney Holmes is a “God send” to my family. Not to call names but a few attorneys in Hilton Head, prior to having the honor of working with Attorney Holmes, did not seem to care about my concerns, which led to frustration on my behalf because I felt I was doing the right thing by reaching out to them, being that I reside out of state, and to be honest with you all, while in court one of the previous attorney told me to “Shut up!!!” I am a conscience person so I know I was not being disrespectful, maybe honest concerning myself but I was ready to put the drama behind me so if it meant coming clean in court and being transparent with the judge…I was ready. However, those attempts only lead to me making more mistakes trying to fix things on my own. Attorney Holmes resolved those issues for me and instead of getting frustrated thinking I am on my own in this situation, Attorney Holmes has definitely reduced my anxiety and I know I have an Attorney in my corner who cares about what is right. Thank you Attorney Holmes!

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