Separated Parents

Finding Solutions Together Again

In an ideal world, we would never have to look back when a relationship fails and ends in separation. We’d be able to move on with our lives and find new love and new adventures beyond the walls of a failing connection. When you’ve gone through this with the other parent of your children, however, there may be lingering issues that must be hashed out.

You may end up sitting down with Holmes Family Law because your custody order, visitation rights, alimony, or other previous orders no longer apply. We can help you navigate changes to these orders following various life changes, including:

  • A distant move for you or your ex
  • A significant change in financial status
  • Changes in the desires of our growing children
  • One or both exes have remarried, thus limiting the need for certain support payments

These and several other situations can prompt you to head back to court with your ex. Drumming up these old feelings can risk the peace you’ve found in life since separating, but when you contact Holmes Family Law you minimize that risk. Our team can help you get through this amicably and without risking the extreme frustrations that can come with being forced to face the love that couldn’t survive. We want to help you find a collaborative solution before you ever need to face a judge again.