Pre/Post-Nuptial Agreements

Love Is Peace Of Mind

Nobody wants to think about the end when they’re still in the beginning. Making a commitment to get married is a beautiful thing that should be cherished and celebrated, but it’s important to always plan for the future. We don’t know what tomorrow holds, and even if you believe your relationship and marriage are rock solid, it’s important to note that roughly 50% of marriages do end in divorce in the U.S.

A pre-nuptial (commonly known as a prenup) or post-nuptial agreement is a tough subject to broach. Some people interpret this as a sign you don’t believe in your relationship, even when that’s nowhere near the truth. The reality is that a pre/post-nuptial agreement is a letter of love and a sign of strength in your relationship. It shows that you trust each other enough to have hard conversations about the future and to protect each other from what may come down the line.

At Holmes Family Law, we believe in planning for all possible outcomes and protecting your financial future as necessary. Our compassionate team supports your relationship and marriage, but we want to make sure you both find peace of mind by protecting everything you are as an individual. After all, there was hard work being done in your lives before you ever met each other. This hard work should not be at risk should today’s love turn into tomorrow’s disdain.

These agreements can be all-encompassing and ensure neither of you is left in the dust if things go wrong. Contact our team for a Bluffton, South Carolina family law attorney who is compassionate about protecting your peace of mind.