Post-Decree Modifications

Keeping Up With Life’s Biggest Changes

The divorce process can be an extensive and exhausting battle. We believe it shouldn’t be, but some cases end up going through the wringer before receiving a final decree from the courts. What’s important to understand is you are not confined to the restraints of this order forever. After all, you may not be the same person or in the same circumstances today that you were when the court handed down the original decision.

At Holmes Family Law, we don’t just stand by you through the court process – we’re by your side whenever you need our legal support. We know people make mistakes, and, frankly, sometimes the court gets it wrong. Modifying a divorce, custody, or alimony order can help you get your life on the track you deserve.

When a judge rules against you having custody rights or significantly limits your visitation rights, they’re saying they don’t believe in your ability to do right by your children. It takes time to overcome this challenge, but when you’re ready to prove to the courts that you’re a better person than you were when they held you back it’s time to pick the right Bluffton, South Carolina attorney.

The same applies in situations where you believe your ex’s situation has gotten worse. When you want to fight back against the original decree in order to protect your children from an ex who isn’t holding up their end of the bargain then it’s important to put your child first.

Collaborative law and mediation can help you modify these previous orders without going through yet another ugly battle in the courtroom with your ex. Putting your differences aside to negotiate more appropriate agreements can protect your child from further trauma involved in the separation of their parents. Contact our team and let us help you secure the rights you deserve in your life and in your family.