When It’s Time To Move On Amicably

Nobody makes the commitment of marriage thinking their relationship isn’t built to last. Unfortunately, reality doesn’t always match our expectations and circumstances can change – bringing you here. When children are involved, the process can put their future at risk.

This time can feel overwhelming, but it’s important to recognize divorce as a new beginning. At Holmes Family Law, we believe in giving the whole family the opportunity to heal and move on without the nasty fighting that comes with many divorce cases in the courts. We believe in finding amicable and productive solutions through collaboration and mediation.

What you need right now is an honest and compassionate attorney by your side who can take the time to consider the long-term impacts divorce can have on children. Attorney Brittany Holmes is a child of divorce herself and got into family law with the goal of making sure other families can get their divorce right.

When you work with us, you’re getting a new member of your team. Our work will mesh together with your new family goals through a custom strategy specifically tailored to your situation.

In the best possible world, couples would never seek our divorce services. In the next best possible world, family courts and attorneys would work together to help estranged couples dissolve their unions fairly, quickly, and cleanly.

Download our free source “South Carolina Collaborative Family Law: Is It Right For You?Our guide can help you understand what working with our team can look like and how it can help you and your family move on through collaboration. If you’re ready to get through this process amicably, contact Holmes Family Law today.