Adopting Parents

Bringing Love Into Your Family

Some parents want kids but have medical or biological issues getting in the way of that. Some parents want kids and make the choice to add to the family through other means. Whatever side of this process you’re on, Holmes Family Law wants to support your journey.

The decision to adopt a child is an admirable one, and we want to be a part of South Carolina parents making the decision to bring these deserving children into their lives. When you have love to give, what better outlet for that love than a child who sincerely needs someone willing to provide a loving home?

Make no mistake, when you adopt you are a parent to this loving child. Their lives become intertwined with the love you’re willing to give to them, and it’s one of the most beautiful decisions to make in our lives. Holmes Family Law will proudly support you in this decision and can help you work through the legal process to welcome a new member of your family unit. Contact our team in Bluffton, South Carolina to get started on an adoption today.